Trigger Point Injections

What is a trigger point injection?

Trigger points are “knots'' that form when a muscle cannot relax, often found in the back and shoulders. If you are suffering from muscle pain, your provider may recommend what is called a Trigger Point Injection. Trigger point injections are used to help relax the muscle and are recommended to directly treat the source of the pain.

What conditions are treated with trigger point injections?

Trigger point injections are low risk and for patients that experience pain associated with muscle pain of the neck, back, arms and legs. These injections are also utilized for the treatment of other muscular-related conditions: ,  and .

What to expect during treatment?

During the procedure, medication is administered with a needle directly into the trigger point. Medications that could be used are: local anesthetics, corticosteroids, or botulinum toxin A (Botox). Your provider will work with you to determine what medication is right for you. Once the medication is administered, patients tend to find relief relatively quickly. Relief can last from days to months and these injections are usually administered in a series of treatments to provide the best patient outcomes.

The injections are usually given in the following areas:

  • spine
  • neck
  • knee
  • shoulder
  • elbow

After the injection, the area may be sore for several days. Most people return to normal activity within 72 hours of the procedure.

Do trigger point injections work immediately?

Typically patients report pain relief within 24-72 hours after treatment. However, the full benefits might not be achieved for up to 1 week after the procedure.

How long does the pain relief from treatment last?

Generally you can expect the relief to last from days to months, depending on how your body responds and the type of medication you receive. Many patients receive trigger point injections at a regular frequency, with gaps between injections that increase as time goes on.

Are there any risks or side effects?

Nerve blocks are considered very safe procedures. Although there is minimal risk, potential side effects of nerve blocks include:

  • Bleeding
  • Light Headed / Dizziness
  • Discoloration of the skin around injection site
  • Temporary pain at injection site
  • Temporary numbness at injection site
  • Bruising
  • Infection at injection site
  • Muscle or nerve damage

These side effect are usually not severe but can last days to weeks.

Are trigger point injections right for me?

If you have exhausted other treatments methods to treat your pain, Trigger Point Injections may be for you. By calling our nurse line, a dedicated team member will be able to get you scheduled with one of our highly trained providers. During your appointment, our pain specialist will go over your medical history, current condition and develop a plan of care that works for you.

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